Exhibition Sexpress Yourself

Daantje Bondt

When a collaboration is successful it needs to continue… so, once again, BUTFF and KOP have joined forces. This time KOP will arrange an exhibition that’s perfectly in style with this year’s BUTFF theme. The exhibition focuses on gender and sexuality, as we’re quite focused on those kind of topics nowadays. Last year there was the #MeToo campaign which hit many industries, including fine arts. John William Waterhouse’s Hylas and the Nymphs was removed from a museum because of its negative portrayal of women. This resulted in the question: ‘Can nudity be part of art and how far do we go in revealing nakedness?’

We already noticed many artists asking the same question and researching this ‘explicit’ content. KOP walks in naughty shoes and finds artists who like to explore the boundaries of sexuality through fine arts. We selected a number of delicate artists who aren’t afraid to show their opinion about sexuality. Their delectable work will be presented by KOP, curated by Michelle van der Poel and for sale during BUTFF. All for an exotic price.

A few of the artworks to savor are Denise Roosenboom’s ‘Pussy Pendant’, Lotte de Raadt’s ‘Archiving Water’, Hilde Atalanta’s ‘Pussy’ pins and tote bags, Anna Bondt’s ‘Ingebed’ (her exhibition will be on display in the Chassé Theater) and Liris Sointu’s ‘The Language of Rage’. If you want to see more sensual fine art, make sure to visit this year’s BUTFF!

opening of the exhibition will take place wednesday 29 aug. 19:00h at the BUT square
More info on the exhibition at www.KOP.nu